Financial Donations
For ease of regular givings you can subscribe to the Pre-Authorized Givings programme.

The Anglican Diocese of Toronto established a Pre-Authorized Givings (PAG) programme to assist you in your support of St. Theodore of Canterbury through an automatic, monthly donation process. It is now being administrated in cooperation with the United Church of Canada and is called the Pre-Authorized Remittance programme.

Over 40 parishes currently participate in the programme.

Advantages for You:
  • Convenience. Your offering is deducted automatically; there’s no need to search for your chequebook or stop at the bank machine on the way to Church.
  • Continual support of St. Theodore of Canterbury when you are away.
  • Continual support of ministries and programs funded through FaithWorks.

Advantages for St. Theodore of Canterbury:
  • Regular, dependable flow of contributions to the parish and FaithWorks.
  • Reduction of cash on hand.
  • Reduction of paperwork and bookkeeping.
  • Reduction of bank overdrafts.

PAG forms can be downloaded at this link or pick up a copy from the Bulletin Board.

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